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Laurie Trudeau

Director of L&D

Laurie Trudeau, Director of Learning & Experience at ResProp, leads a dynamic team focused on providing role-based training and fostering sales enablement through engaging learning experiences and coaching opportunities. With a decade of industry experience, Laurie has been instrumental in driving employee development and operational excellence at ResProp. Starting her journey as a Leasing Consultant and progressing through various roles to become a Property Manager at the largest management companies, Laurie's hands-on experience uniquely positions her to offer high-caliber training and support to ResProp teams.

Outside of work, Laurie finds joy in exploring diverse cultures, cuisines, and landscapes around the world. As a bilingual individual fluent in French and English and currently learning Spanish, Laurie is passionate about expanding her language toolkit and embracing new experiences. She firmly believes that continuous learning not only enriches life but also fuels personal and professional growth.

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