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Josh Calzadilla

Regional Maintenance Director

Joshua grew up in a quiet little town called Hialeah. After completing high school, he enlisted in the Army as a Cannon Crewmember/Paratrooper. In 2004, Joshua entered the multifamily space, initially working on condo conversions. He began by moving appliances and delivering materials, quickly advancing to a renovation manager role. Over the span of 2004 to 2007, Joshua and his team converted 10 sites into condos. Following the market crash, they transitioned to a strategy of renting and holding properties. With his experience in A/C repair and renovations, Joshua took on the role of multi-site maintenance supervisor. Additionally, he assisted with leasing in the office, as customer service has always been a part of his job that he enjoys. For the past 2.5 years, Joshua has served as the Regional Maintenance Director for the South Florida/San Antonio regions at Resprop. Outside of work, he enjoys hunting for food by land, air, or sea. Joshua also considers himself a plant nerd with a green thumb and dreams of one day living off the land.

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